Aircraft Ducting Repair

Find easy solutions to your unique ducting problems
with our aircraft ducting repair

AeroParts’ duct repair shop specializes in performance restoration—bringing units back to their original standard. Our expertise in this area ensures the repaired unit is as reliable as a new part, and it rarely has to be replaced.

Many common duct repairs are eligible for our quick and easy
exchange program. AeroParts has invested heavily in developing
an extensive exchange pool to ensure the fastest turn-time
available anywhere. You don’t have to wait for your part to be
repaired—we’ll provide you with a part that’s ready to go—immediately.

For more complicated repairs our in-house drop
hammer capabilities enable us to make custom
metal forms. We can replace an entire damaged
area and make it like new—for a fraction of the
cost of replacing the entire duct. These wide
capabilities enable us to salvage ducts from many
different manufacturers. We also offer extensive
capabilities and expertise in repairing composite ducts.

Custom solutions to keep you moving—
only from AeroParts.

No-wait exchange services.

Restore original strength
and performance.

In-house drop hammer custom forming.

Metal & composite duct repair expertise.