Ozone Converter Overhaul

A high-performing ozone converter is critical to the healthy
operation of your environmental control and fuel tank
inerting systems.

But you can breathe easy. Because AeroParts can help keep
your fleet in service longer—and more cost effectively—by
minimizing turnaround time on converter overhauls. By extending
your removal intervals. And by defraying replacement costs for
many additional hours.

We’ve developed a special way to coat and regenerate the
catalyst so it performs like new at a fraction of the cost of new.
AeroCOAT® is not just a wash that can deteriorate the catalyst
and only restores short-term, partial efficiency.
It’s a proprietary process that allows us to apply brand new
catalyst to the surface of the core and completely restore
its original efficiency. Done at a fraction of the cost and time
required to recore.

Coating with AeroCOAT® ensures reliability and longer
service life for a vital part of your operations. It’s a
high-performance solution you’ll only
get from AeroParts.

Faster turn-time, lower
cost than recoring.

Restores up to
99% efficiency.

Extends life span, defers
replacement costs.

Expands removal intervals,
reduces spares