Aircraft Component
Custom Manufacturing

Sheet metal forming methods for the most reliable aircraft component services

AeroParts has always recognized and maintained that each situation is unique. Our drop hammer forming techniques give you just what you need, no more and no less.

It’s really quite simple: Our NADCAP-accredited operations are an
alternative from the status quo to get you exactly what you’re looking for
on time.
•  High-tech alloys and integrated sheet metal fabrication techniques
   take care of any of your requests.
•  Raw material inventory is balanced against mill lead time, so you’ll
   always receive on-time delivery.
•  Primary manufacturing support capabilities:
    —Drop hammer forming
    —In-house tooling, design, and manufacturing
    —Heat treatment of aluminum
    —Hot forming
    —Stress relief of titanium, spot, seam,
        resistance, and fusion welding

•  Drop hammer and assembly
   fixture tooling design
•  Complex three dimensional
   contoured sheet metal
•  Assembly of welded tubes,
   complex ducts and sheet
   metal  parts
•  Heat Treat NADCAP
   accredited; Welding:
   Fusion, Spot and Seam,
   Resistance NADCAP